Advocacy for the Association comes in a variety of ways and is used to address a multitude of issues.  Whether it be policy changes on economics, housing finance, or regulatory changes on the environment, Advocacy plays a key role in making sure your voice is heard.  We use our Advocacy efforts to educate elected officials, policymakers, administrative staff, build successful coalitions, and mobilize our members to participate in our Political Action Committees (PAC).

The most important thing to understand as a member is how Advocacy works through the chain of command within the HBA.  With your 3 in 1 membership, you receive Advocacy benefits not only locally, but also at the State and National Association level as well.  This networked link provides every member a strong foundation to be noticed, be connected, and be heard in many different spectrums.  The core value that makes this foundation so successful is that we always position ourselves to be included in the decision-making process on legislation, regulation, and other issues that impact and affect our members.  It’s important that our Advocacy efforts encourage and advocate for laws that offer a win for all: policies that promote more homeownership through less regulation.

At the local level, the WCFHBA partners with the Business Alliance for a Sound Economy (BASE) to provide direct Advocacy benefits.  BASE fights for our members right here in your backyard – literally.  BASE also coordinates with the lobbying staff at NCHBA on key State issues.  At the State level, NCHBA provides a strong lobbying foundation at the N.C. General Assembly, as well as coordinating with NAHB on key federal Issues.  In Washington D.C., NAHB works with organizations of state and local governmental bodies, facilitates the grassroots functions of NAHB, and administers the State and Local Issues Fund.

To learn more about how we are protecting your bottom line, I would encourage you to view each one of the organizations below. One simple change can create undue cost burdens that, in return, create a chain reaction that affects every member of this Association.  It is so important to have a strong membership base because the term “Strength in Numbers,” truly translates into “Strength of Power.”

Learn more about BASE by Clicking Here

Learn more about NCHBA’s Advocacy Efforts by Clicking Here

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