Commercial Development Council

The Wilmington-Cape Fear Home Builders Association Commercial Development Council meets the second Tuesday of every month at 10:30 am at WCFHBA Office.  Many of the council’s meetings coincide with the Land Use Council’s meetings.  We find that this allows the membership to engage in productive and forthright discussions about the region’s economic well being and diversity.

Who We Are

The Commercial Builders Council is broad based coalition of commercial builders and industry specialists that work together to support the commercial builders, tradespersons and other companies who have an interest in the commercial industry.  The council is dedicated to promoting professionalism, excellence and public awareness. We accomplish this through education, information and by working with the membership, industry and the community.  The Council is administered through the Wilmington-Cape Fear Home Builders Association and is staffed by the Governmental Affairs staff of BASE.

Mission Statement

The Commercial Builders Council mission is to be the source for commercial builders to improve their business management skills, to network with peers, to meet with local officials and to work for the betterment of the industry.

Our Objectives

The Commercial Development Council strives to enhance the commercial market by promoting sound and market driven policies for the Association’s members, resulting in a better product for the consumer. To do this the council has positioned itself as a collective voice in the region for the commercial industry, and works on behalf of our members to promote a positive image for the commercial industry. Two major components of the Commercial Development Council\’s objectives are to:

  • Promote sensible market driven regulatory policies and sound commercial development practices that lead to the creation of safe, sustainable, and economically feasible commercial development.
  • Promote sound economic, commercial development policies and regulatory controls that work to protect the rights of business owners and their interests.

What We Do

The Commercial Development Council evaluates and closely monitors important issues for our members that will negatively impact our members\’ interests and opposes any efforts to further complicate the already complex development process.  We accomplish this by working closely with the BASE Governmental Affairs staff and their expansive set of coalitions and resources.

What to Expect

Our monthly meetings, educational programs and networking events are second to none.  Our members say that the Commercial Development Council meetings are the best they attend and are the most productive use of their valuable time. Monthly meetings have focused on specific topics, including the following examples:

  • Meeting with key elected and legislative leaders to discuss economic growth and other growth related initiatives related to our region.
  • Meeting with NCDOT representatives to discuss permitting issues, overall improvements requirements and the growing expections that are placed upon the development community.
  • Engaging the areas leading economists and demographers on the future of commercial real estate in North Carolina as well as in the Wilmington region over the short and long term.
  • Listening and talking with lenders on acquisition and development financing, what programs are being offered by lenders, what types of customers are sought by lenders and the future of financing commercial development work.
  • Discussing issues with the surrounding Public Utilities about developmental fees, developmental policies concerning water and sewer allocation and distribution.


  • Steve Niemeyer – Chairman – Wrightsville Builders, Inc.
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