Membership with respect to what it means to be a member, and the advantages of membership. First, and foremost, membership sends a strong signal to the public that your company is committed to high standards and abides by a strong ethical code. As an industry representative, and with families’ lives in our hands, we serve a common thread where we put safety and security first. This Association prides itself on this fact because our members truly serve a higher calling. We are, in fact, providers for so many.

Just like the families we provide for- our members are also family.  We too have been through a great deal and the Association has stood the test of time and weathered many storms.  We have been through 39 HBA Association Presidents and 10 Presidents of the United States.  We have seen our membership drop to unprecedented levels during the recession, only to rebound to where we stand today.  Throughout all of this, we have continued to be the largest trade association East of 1-95 coming right in at 1000+ members, respectively.  In fact, we are the 2nd largest HBA in the State.  Our industry contributes approximately $2.8 billion to the economy of Southeastern North Carolina and supports more than 15,000 jobs in the greater Wilmington area.

Being part of the Association comes with benefits as well.  Members gain a competitive edge with preferred pricing on Builders Mutual Insurance (BMI), continuing education courses, workshops, and webinars.  Members also receive weekly updates on industry-related topics such as code changes, inspection changes, Governmental Affairs updates, and event notifications.

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